L-temperature catalyst

Source: Beijing DENOX Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Author: Beijing DENOX Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Date: 2021-03-20

"Denox" brand low-temperature flat-plate denitration catalyst is based on the original conventional catalyst formula by adjusting the composition of auxiliary active substances and additives, it not only ensures the high anti-fouling and Abrasion Resistance of the flat-plate catalyst, but also improves the denitration activity of the vanadium-titanium system denitration catalyst at lower temperature, so that it can be used for a long time in steel sintering and other non-electricity industry in the treatment of the tail gas denitration.

Product advantage

Stainless steel metal skeletonWide Temperature Range (150 ~ 300 °C)
A wide variety of specificationsHigh denitration efficiency (≥90%)
The anti-AS/ABS performance is goodGood anti-clogging performance