Corrugated catalyst

Source: Beijing DENOX Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Author: Beijing DENOX Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Date: 2024-05-08

       The corrugated plate denitration catalyst uses glass fiber as the skeleton, and the active substance is coated on the glass fiber board by impregnation to achieve the purpose of denitration. Due to its large specific surface area and light weight, it is widely used. In some industries with relatively clean flue gas (low dust content), including gas engines, fuel engines, and petrochemical industries (such as PDH), corrugated plate catalysts are more popular than traditional plate catalysts and honeycomb catalysts. 

Product advantages

◆ High mechanical strength and long service life

◆ Good sulfur resistance, low conversion rate of SO2/SO3

◆ Wide temperature window: 150~420℃

◆ Fiberglass skeleton, light weight

◆ Large specific surface area and high efficiency per unit volume

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