SCR honeycomb catalyst

Source: Beijing DENOX Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Author: Beijing DENOX Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Date: 2021-02-07

As the country's environmental policies have become more stringent, the nitrogen oxide has movedtodeeper waters. In addition to the traditional mid-low temperature denitration, there is a high-temperature denitration industry characterized by distributed energy. The tail gas temperature of this industry is generally above 420 °C, which poses a new challenge to the use of conventional mid-temperature catalysts. On the basis of full understanding of the industry, through continuous testing, we have formed a high-temperature catalyst formula with independent intellectual property rights  and have achieved mass production.

Product advantage

Integral extrusion moldingThe specific surface area is large (780 ~ 1500㎡/m³)
High operating temperature (420 ~ 600 °C)High denitration efficiency (≥90%)
The conversion of SO2/SO3 is low (≤1%)Good mechanical strength